How to Reverse Layout Dive From a Springboard

1.Master both the forward and backward layout dives before attempting the reverse layout. (See "How to Back Layout Dive From a Springboard.") The skills of these dives are the essential components of the reverse layout and must be learned in the proper sequence.
2.Start the dive with a normal forward approach. It's vital that you have this approach mastered and in perfect balance. Remain perpendicular to the board as you ride through the bending of the board. Any bending at the waist will inhibit your rotation.
3.Swing your arms over your head as you leave the board and spread them to the sides, in line with your shoulders, as you drop your head back exactly as you do in a back layout dive.
4.Lift your chest as you drop your head and spread your arms to get your whole body rotating. Contract the muscles of your abdomen and buttocks, while keeping your legs straight and toes pointed.
5.Look down at the water as you turn over the top of your lift and start downward, headfirst, toward the water.
6.Bring your arms together over your head when you can see the water.
7.Return your head to its normal position as you enter the water. This will straighten out your back and give you good alignment for your entry. 
Tips: Make sure to get good momentum on your approach to carry you forward while in the air, but avoid trying to jump out away from the board. Good technique will carry you away safely. 
Warnings: If you're fearful about attempting this dive, you're probably not ready to try it. Even when you are ready, attempt the reverse layout only under close supervision. 
Overall Warnings: Springboard diving is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity. 

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