How to Remove Drop Frames in Premiere

1.Before you begin recording, open the MovieCapture menu and select According Options. (See "Perform a Video Capture in Premiere," under Related Hows, for more on setting up a video capture.)
2.Click to put an X beside Report Dropped Frames.
3.Click OK.
4.Record your video. When you are finished, you will be shown a report identifying dropped frames, if any.
5.Save and name your clip.
6.Drag your clip into the Construction window.
7.With the Construction window selected, click on the Window menu, and then on Construction Window Options. Select the icon size that you want, and then click to display the type of tracks that you are using.
8.Still in the Construction Window Options dialog box, click beside the Track Format that allows you to see each individual frame. Click OK.
9.Move to the bottom of the Construction window. Click on the Zoom In/Out tool. Set it to display each individual frame.
1..Move through the window until you come to the first dropped frame; it appears black or otherwise distorted.
1..Click the Razor tool in the Tool menu at the bottom of the Construction window.
1..With the Razor tool, click on each side of the dropped frame.
1..From the Edit menu, click Cut. The dropped frame is removed and an empty space remains.
1..Click on the Selection tool from the Construction Tool menu.
1..Drag the clip to the immediate right of the empty space where the dropped frame used to be into the empty space.
1..Repeat until all dropped frames have been cut.
1..Save and name your project. 
Tips: Some versions of Adobe Premiere allow you to stop recording when a dropped frame occurs.   

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