How to Make Progress on Your Graduate School Research During Summer

1.Begin planning for summer as early as possible. Some fellowships have deadlines in the fall.
2.Apply for as many fellowships as you can.
3.Consider working full time for part of the summer, saving money to live on for the rest of the summer. Full-time private-sector jobs often pay two to five times as much as TA jobs.
4.Think about taking out a loan. Yes, it's more debt, but the sooner you finish your degree, the sooner your income will skyrocket.
5.Set goals for yourself, both long-term and short-term. How much work do you vow to finish by fall? By next week? By noon?
6.Build structure into your day. Don't let yourself play until you've gotten a set amount of work done.
7.Stay in touch with your advisers, if possible. If they're good at what they do, they'll help keep you motivated and pointed in the right direction. 
Visit your school's fellowships office for information on sources of summer money. Start the fellowship or job hunt early.
Be sure to structure in playtime as well. A balanced life will help you keep a good perspective.   

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