How to Set Up an Uninterruptible Power Supply

1.Make sure the total power of the equipment you will connect does not exceed the capacity of the UPS. (See "How to Choose an Uninterruptible Power Supply" under Related Hows.)
2.Place the UPS in a location that allows ventilation on all sides.
3.Plug the UPS into a grounded outlet. Wait six hours for the battery to charge.
4.Shut down the computer system.
5.Unplug components from the surge suppressor.
6.Plug the computer, monitor, and other equipment into electrical outlets on the UPS.
7.Turn on the UPS.
8.Make sure the indicator LED is lit, which tells you that the UPS is functioning.
9.Turn on the computer system (monitor and peripherals first, computer last).
1..Install UPS software, if any.
1..Test the UPS according to manufacturer's instructions.  
Do not connect a laser printer to a UPS. Use a surge suppressor rated 700 joules or higher instead.
If you overload the UPS with equipment that exceeds its power-handling capacity, it will not provide backup power.    

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