How to Maintain Your Motorcycle

Maintaining a bike means regular pre-ride checks, monthly checks, and then yearly maintenance, including tune-ups.
1.Read the How "How to Check Your Motorcycle Before Riding".
2.Check your tire treads at least once a week. Look for cuts and scrapes on your tires, which could cause a blowout. Add air pressure as needed. Many blowouts are the result of low air pressure.
3.Investigate both of your wheels for loose or missing spokes. Check the rims for dents or cracks.
4.Lift the wheel off the ground. Spin it and watch the motion. Listen for noise and move it to check for looseness.
5.Inspect the controls for smooth operation, and watch for kinks or broken strands in your cables. Put lubricant on the mechanisms at either end of the cables.
6.Check the sprockets for worn teeth and oil the chain .
7.Watch out for missing or loose bolts, nuts or cotter pins. Keep your bike clean so it’s easier to spot missing parts.
8.Adjust your brakes so when they are applied fully, the wheel is locked (see your owner’s manual for instructions). 
Warnings: Inspect your motorcycle carefully and fix things right away if you note potential trouble. That’s the only way to spot problems before they cause an accident. 
Follow a regular maintenance schedule using your Owner's Manual and the following list:

9.Check tire pressure and visually inspect the tires before every ride. Check the wheel bearings once a year.
1..Check the oil level before each ride. Change the oil and filter at least every 2,000 miles. Your bike will love you if you chage the oil and filter every 1,000 miles.
1..Check the coolant level (if applicable) before every ride. Change the coolant every 2 years.
1..Check the brake cables and operation before every ride. Check the thickness of the pads and/or shoes every month. Change the brake fluid every 2 years.
1..Check the suspension and chassis for loose nuts and bolts and leaks. Lubricate the swingarm bearing monthly. Change the fork oil every 2 years.
1..Replace the spark plugs every year. Replace the spark plug wires every 2 years.
1..Check and adjust the engine valves yearly.
1..Check and adjust and lubricate the chain before every ride.
1..Repalce the air filter every year.   
Overall Warnings: Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity. 

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