How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Christmas

1.Cut a Christmas stocking shape out of cardboard or plywood. Paint and decorate it (and make sure some "gifts" show at its top) and hang it near the front door.
2.Cut a snowman shape out of cardboard or plywood and paint or decorate it for front-porch decor. A real hat and scarf give it a three-dimensional look.
3.Place a potted poinsettia - or several - near the front door. Use real plants if your climate is not too cold for these tropical plants.
4.Purchase a large Santa and have him stand near a couple of twig or wire-frame reindeer.
5.Gift-wrap several empty boxes and arrange a pretty stack near the front door. Use colored plastic wrap and ribbon if your porch is not protected from the elements.
6.Decorate a real or imitation Christmas tree beside your front door. If space allows, flank the door with two trees.
7.Mark the path to your front door decoratively. It will look especially welcoming when bordered by luminarias (traditional candle lanterns) or giant candy canes.
8.Light your porch and walkway to make it safer and more festive for guests who visit during the long nights of the holiday season.   

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