How to Ride Moguls on a Snowboard

1.Choose a gentle slope with small moguls for your first few mogul runs.
2.Enter the moguls by traversing the slope at a mild angle.
3.Keep your back hand forward. This keeps your stance forward and aggressive.
4.Allow your legs to suck up as you go up over the mogul and extend as you drop down the back. Imagine your head staying level as your legs act as shock absorbers.
5.Stop at the top of a mogul and take a moment to notice how your nose and tail hang over on each end, unweighted and begging for a turn.
6.Turn down the mogul and carve into your next turn through the trough.
7.Continue using your legs as shock absorbers, but now concentrate on negotiating a path through the moguls with your turns.
8.Keep your gaze ahead of you to plan your next turn early. As you get better at moguls, start planning three or four turns ahead. 
Watch other boarders negotiate moguls and copy their styles to see what works best for you.
Don't let your back hand drift and flail behind you. It will want to, but keep it forward and out in front of you. This will greatly help your balance and posture.
Each mogul and mogul run is a little different. Time and practice is the only way to develop the techniques for handling all of them. 
Don't try to go too fast through the moguls until you're ready.
When first starting out, take just a few moguls at a time. Think of them as a series. Do one series, then another. Gradually make your series longer and longer. 
Overall Warnings: Snowboarding is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity. 

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