How to Hit an Overhead Forehand in Badminton

1.Position yourself behind and beneath the shuttle as it falls toward you from a high trajectory.
2.Step back with your racquet foot and point your non-racquet shoulder at your target.
3.Raise both your arms up just above shoulder height. Your non-racquet arm should be out in front of your for balance, with your racquet arm behind you and holding the racquet with a cocked wrist.
4.Shift most of your weight onto your back foot.
5.Swing through the shuttle with a straight arm, keeping your wrist cocked back.
6.Transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot as you swing.
7.Snap your wrist to strike the shuttle.
8.Hit the shuttle while it is still above and in front of you.
9.Follow through, first with your wrist and then with your arm. 
The angle of your racquet face will depend on the type of shot you wish to hit - open face for a clear shot or drop shot, and closed face for a smash shot.
The amount of wrist snap you use will depend on the overhead shot you are hitting - more wrist snap on a clear shot or smash shot, and less on a drive shot or drop shot. 

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