How to Grow Sandwort (Arenaria Montana)

Choosing Sandwort
1.Look for plants at nurseries in spring and summer.
2.Buy sandwort in 4-inch to 1-gallon containers.
3.Choose healthy-looking plants with signs of new growth in leaves and flower buds. 
Planting Sandwort

4.Plant sandwort in full sun in well-drained soil. You also can plant sandwort in a dry spot such as a rockery or the top of a wall.
5.Add a light application of organic fertilizer to the planting hole.
6.Place the plants no deeper than they were growing in their containers.
7.Set the plants 6 inches apart.
8.Mulch around but not on top of the plant with 3 inches of organic compost.
9.Water well until soil is completely moist. 
Caring for Sandwort

10.Trim back using bypass pruners in late winter, leaving 3 inches of stems.
11.Add a light application of fertilizer to the top of the soil in early spring; follow package directions. 
Overall Tips:
Grow sandwort in zones 4 to 7 of the U.S.D.A. Plant Hardiness Map.
The common name of this perennial comes from the fact that many kinds of sandwort grow in sandy soil.
Sandwort doesn't need mulching and watering once it's established.   

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