How to Get Ready for PlayStation2

For Those Who Have Pre-Ordered
1.Save all of your PlayStation games. PlayStation2 will not only run them, but will run most of them with superior graphics and sound.
2.Save your memory card. While you won't be able to save any PlayStation2 data on it, you will need it to save all of the information for your PlayStation games that you stored.
3.Save about $400. PlayStation2 is scheduled to have a launch price of $299, but you know that you will want a game and a memory card.
4.Search the Internet for information about PlayStation2. Some links have been provided for you in the Related Sites.
5.Purchase plenty of gaming magazines to get all the latest screen shots. Check out the Necessary Items list to pick up a few right now.
6.Sell your old PlayStation if you need some extra cash. Since PlayStation2 will play your PlayStation games, you no longer really need it.
7.Get really, really excited and begin counting down the days to the PlayStation2's release on October 26, 2000 - and share your good fortune with your friends who have less foresight than you! 
For Those Who Haven't Pre-Ordered

8.Place your order as soon as you can with an online retailer. (See the Products list and the Related Sites.) They will be getting deliveries weekly and filling orders on a first-come, first-served basis.
9.Ask at your local stores if they will be receiving any PS2s that are yet unsold.
1..Think carefully about bidding for a unit in an online auction. You'll need to pay at least double the list price.
1..Beware purchasing a PS2 made for the Japanese market. You can't play your American PlayStation games on it; it doesn't play DVDs or have Internet capability; and it costs more than PS2.
1..Cultivate your relationships with friends who've pre-ordered PS2. Perhaps you can buy a PS2 game that you all can use.
1..Develop patience. It'll serve you well in life – and rest assured that you will eventually get your own PlayStation2. 
Overall Tips:
Some retailers limit orders to one-per-customer. This helps prevent large purchases for the sake of profiting from the high demand and short supply.
PlayStation2 has a DVD drive that can read both CD and DVD formats using the same laser and that can play DVD movies.
With a processor capable of handling 20 million polygons a second and a broadband network that will support online play, PS2's memory capacity is double that of Dreamcast's, eight times greater than that of the Nintendo 64, and 16 times larger than PS1's.   

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