How to Be a Vegetarian House Guest

1.Tell your host in advance that you don't eat meat. Do not assume that they know.
2.Outline exactly what you will eat. For example, if you are vegan, let them know you will be bypassing the Sunday brunch of french toast and cheese omelets.
3.Make sure that your host will be able to accommodate you before you go.
4.Figure out how much of a problem your veggie habits will be. This depends largely on your relationship with your guests, how many meals you will be eating together, etc.
5.Offer to cook some meals. Die-hard carnivores are often unaware how much diversity and delicious foods makes up a vegetarian diet.
6.Introduce some of your favorite dishes. Your hosts may turn up their noses at tofu, but they might enjoy pasta primavera.
7.Avoid offering advice and criticism about the diet of your hosts. You may find eating meat unhealthy and unspiritual, but you are, after all, a guest at their house. Defend your eating habits only if the subject comes up.
8.Do some of the shopping. Buy foods that you will eat. Again, this depends on your relationship with the host. If you're staying with your parents, for example, your mother may have a fit if you do your own shopping.
9.Bring food with you. For example, if you like to have cereal with soy milk for breakfast, that's easy and convenient to pack. Plus it will make life easier for your host.
1..Consider how important it is for you to be a house guest if it appears that your eating habits will cause a major upset. Perhaps there is someone else you can stay with, or perhaps consider a nearby hotel. 
Tips: The nature of your visit, your relationship with your host and the limits of your diet will all have an effect on your visit. Advance planning can often prevent potential problems. 

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