How to Take Dance Lessons as an Adult

1.Decide whether you want to learn a little about several dances or a lot about one kind of dance.
2.Go to a nightclub offering introductory lessons and dancing. Call in advance to find out what kind of dancing is offered that night.
3.After an introduction to several dancing styles at a nightclub, choose a class at a dance studio. Studios are listed in the telephone book, in many community guides and on numerous Web sites.
4.Call the studio. Confirm that the class is for adults, lest you be surrounded by little girls in Mary Janes doing Shirley Temple routines.
5.Ask to observe a class or take the first class free.
6.Choose a studio.
7.Dress in comfortable, leather-soled shoes and moderately formal clothing.
8.Move from partner to partner throughout the lesson, if possible. Dancing with different partners allows you to learn a broader range of dancing styles.
9.Continue attending nightclub dances for practice and to learn new moves. 
Tips: It's about confidence, not innate skill. 
Warnings: Unless you intend to enter dancing contests, avoid instructors who are very particular about steps, take themselves very seriously or don't make the experience fun.   

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