How to Use Scene Transitions in Premiere

1.Open or create a project.
2.Import clips.
3.Open the Construction window if it is not already open.
4.Set your viewing preferences for the Construction window with the Set Construction Window Options command in the Windows menu.
5.Drag the first clip into the first video track.
6.Drag the second clip into the second video track, arranging the second clip to overlap the first clip for the amount of time that you want the transition to last.
7.Open the Transition window with the Window menu.
8.Select the transition you want to use, such as a wipe.
9.Drag the transition into the T track, which is located between the first and second video clips.
1..Click on the Transition icon that appears in the T track. A dialog box will open.
1..Select your options for the transition. Click OK.
1..Preview your work.
1..Save the project. 
Tips: To delete a transition, click to select it, then press the Delete key or click Clear from the Edit menu.   

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