How to Make a Gift for Your English Teacher

1.Look in your textbook for gift ideas. You can make bulletin boards, puzzles or lessons to match parts of your textbook.
2.Make up a funny lesson using parts of English or punctuation. A funny fill-in-the-blank story is a good way to use an English lesson.
3.Design word-search puzzles using your spelling words. One puzzle for each month would make a nice break for the class and your teacher.
4.Design a word-search puzzle the size of the classroom door. Use a hundred words so it will last a long time. The students can search for words between classes.
5.Cover an inexpensive desk calendar with fabric or scrap wallpaper (see "How to Make a Personal Desk Calendar," under Related Hows).
6.Make a lesson plan book (see "How to Make a Lesson Plan Book for Your Teacher," under Related Hows).
7.Write a story using the name of every person in your class for the characters. Do this as a group and let everyone write a little bit of the story. 
Tips: Using good grammar and punctuation would probably tickle your English teacher more than anything else.   

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