How to Select a Gift for a 7-Year-Old Boy

1.Ponder his tastes: Is he hooked on reading? Computer games? Swimming? Kite flying?
2.Browse a toy store, real or virtual, and find something that seems likely to fit his fancy.
3.Consider software, books, music, sports equipment, board games, puzzles, activity kits and action figures.
4.Check in with his parents if you're in doubt. They're in the best position to know what might please him - and they also know what he already has.
5.Be practical: Give clothes, school supplies or a lunch box.
6.Give a gift certificate if you're out of time, out of space or out of ideas - that way he'll get the joy of choosing his own gift.
7.Take him on a one-on-one outing: His parents will get a break and you'll get quality time together. 
Tips: Make sure whatever you settle on is returnable so you're not a contributor to that stack of unused items in the garage. 
Warnings: Check labels and packaging to make certain your gift is safe for a seven-year-old - you don't want to be an unwitting contributor to an accident.   

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