How to Play Jelly Bean Hunt

1.Purchase a big bag of jelly beans.
2.Hide jelly beans in a specific area inside your home or yard (living room or family room, for example) and tell the players what that area is so they don't wander too far.
3.Give each child a bag or have each decorate a small paper basket as a party activity.
4.Set a time limit, such as three or five minutes.
5.Tell the children to find as many jelly beans as possible during this time.
6.Explain that the jelly beans might not be in plain sight and might be hidden underneath or behind things.
7.Send the players off.
8.Assist younger players by pointing out where they should look.
9.Call that time is over when it has expired.
1..Help the children count their jelly beans when the time runs out.
1..Award prizes to the winners. You may wish to give one prize for each age group. Let all the children keep their jelly beans.  
Vary this game by assigning each child only one color jelly bean to find.
After the jelly bean hunt, let the children glue some of the jelly beans to paper to make Easter pictures.    

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