How to Make Yo-Yo Wreath Ornaments

Making the Yo-Yos
1.Decide what size yo-yos you need for your project. For the wreath, you'll need twelve 1 1/2-inch yo-yos.
2.Cut your fabric circles twice the size of the yo-yos, plus 1/2 inch. For example, since you need 1 1/2-inch yo-yos, you'll cut 3 1/2-inch circles.
3.Turn the edge of a circle toward the wrong side of the fabric, forming a 1/4-inch hem.
4.Make a small running stitch through both layers.
5.Begin to pull the thread, drawing the outer edges in to form a pouch.
6.Leave a hole wide enough to stuff quilt batting inside.
7.Insert just enough batting to puff up the yo-yo.
8.After filling it, pull the thread tighter, gathering the circle. The right side of the fabric should be facing out.
9.Tie a knot and clip off the extra thread. 
Use quilting thread. Regular thread will snap when you gather the edges. 
Making the Wreath

1..Make twelve 1 1/2-inch yo-yos from Christmas fabric.
1..String the yo-yos together, with heavy thread running through the middle of each one.
1..Bring the first yo-yo up to the last to form the wreath.
1..Sew through the first one again and tie a knot in the thread.
1..Tie a bow out of a 3/8-inch-wide ribbon.
1..Sew or glue the bow to your wreath.   

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