How to Get Mail on the Road

1.Distribute envelopes to family and friends marked “Poste Restante” or “General Delivery,” and addressed to the main post office in destination towns on your itinerary.
2.Provide family and friends with a copy of your itinerary and the dates by which they should send mail so that it gets to you in time.
3.Ask family and friends to send all correspondence to your destination towns at least two weeks prior to your arrival. This will help ensure that the mail arrives by the time you do.
4.Note the hours of the local post office. Many post offices in foreign countries close for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon.
5.Bring your passport with you when you go to the post office to collect your mail. You may have to check back every few days until your correspondence arrives. 
Tips: Look for American Express locations in the area. You can also have people send you mail there, provided that you hold an American Express card or traveler’s checks. 

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